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Rules &RegulationsWaiver

Moore Glitter Pageantry, Beautiful Woman Graphic

Type of pageant system : This competition is low to semi-glitz. 0-5 may not wear any makeup, flippers, or spray tans. 0-5, however, are allowed to wear hair pieces, fake nails, and full glitz attire if they so choose. 6 and up are permitted to have age-appropriate makeup, tan, hair pieces, fake nails, and full glitz attire if they so choose. We are looking for the most put-together contestant, so what you add is at your discretion. Conduct/ Behavior: This pageant does not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior, fighting of any kind, either verbal or physical, or screaming. This is one of many events in the hotel, and we need to be respectful at all times. If this happens, your contestant will be disqualified from the event, and money will not be returned. Registration: A contestant must first register online with at least a $100 deposit. This deposit will not be returned even if a contestant decides not to compete. In-person registration will be held the day before the competition. Times will be emailed out a week before. Registration will be at the hotel where the competition is taking place. At registration, contestants will finish paying the amount they owe, pay for any extras they want, receive their numbers, receive and be read the rules of the competition, and be able to turn in photos. Payments: Once a contestant makes a deposit that will not be returned for any reason if a contestant has paid and is disqualified for breaking the rules set out by the pageant, they forfeit their money, and it will not get returned to them. Stage: The stage will be T-formation. We will provide all the music for the beauty/formal wear competition. For categories other than beauty, a contestant must provide their own music, which can be in a CD or digital form (Ex. phone or computer). Contestants 0-3 years of age must always have a guardian on stage with them. Contestants four years of age may have a guardian if they would like. Five and up, there is no guardian allowed on stage with contestants. Coaching: Coaching contestants are allowed but may be done outside the judges. We ask you to coach at a respectful distance from judges. Scoring: Our judges are qualified professionals from different industries of life. The results are final. You are not permitted to argue or confront the judges. This is a pageant; you ultimately pay for someone else's opinion.

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